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PVC Outdoor Camping Tent: How To Choose The Right One

When it comes to camping, one of the most important things you need is a good tent. But with all the different options on the market, how do you choose the right one? In this article, we’ll discuss some factors to consider when choosing a PVC outdoor camping tent. We’ll also look at some of the pros and cons of PVC tents so you can make an informed decision.

What Are Pvc Outdoor Camping Tents?

PVC outdoor camping tents are becoming increasingly popular with campers and hikers as they offer several advantages over traditional canvas tents. PVC tents are made from a waterproof and rot-proof material that is extremely durable and easy to clean. 

They are also much lighter in weight than canvas tents, making them easier to carry on long hikes. PVC tents typically come with some features that make them ideal for camping, such as mesh windows and doors for ventilation, and large rainfly that provide extra protection from the elements.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Pvc Outdoor Camping Tent?

A PVC outdoor camping tent is highly breathable, extremely lightweight, durable, and waterproof. Despite its breathable inner layer, it does not trap heat or retain moisture. It is waterproof and provides excellent ventilation. 

Here are some other benefits of using a PVC tent:

PVC Tents Are Extremely Lightweight

One of the best features of PVC outdoor camping tents is their lightweight construction. Because of their high-quality materials, these tents are remarkably light in weight. They are extremely easy to assemble and are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. 

These lightweight camping tents are available in various sizes, from three by four meters to 150 by 400 feet. If you are over 180 cm tall, however, you will find that you have fewer choices in terms of tent size.

Many PVC outdoor camping tents are made with inflatable pole supports, also known as air beams. These support structures provide a rigid structure when inflated, but deflate to become soft and comfortable. 

Despite these advantages, however, inflatable pole supports are not widely used and are available from only a few suppliers.

PVC Tents Are Very Sturdy and Weather-resistant

The main purpose of a PVC outdoor camping tent is to prevent deterioration due to adverse weather conditions. 

It is waterproof, durable, and strong, which means that it is a good choice for families and other groups going on regular camping trips. 

However, a PVC tent can be a bit bulky, which means that you may want to opt for an alternative material if you’re planning on using it regularly.

The most durable and best-selling PVC outdoor camping tent is the Kodiak Canvas Grand Cabin. Its high-quality construction features a PU-coated ripstop nylon rain fly and sturdy aluminum poles for a safe, secure home. 

Its large mesh windows feature storm flaps to keep out bugs and heat. It also comes with an oversized zippered front door and plenty of exterior tie-downs.

Pvc Tents Are Also Known for Being Very Waterproof

The waterproof benefits of using a PVC outdoor camp tent can’t be overstated. While a traditional canvas tent is not waterproof, a PVC-coated model will keep your gear dry no matter how bad the weather is. 

The coatings, which are applied to the fabric, repel water and increase its tear strength. The resulting waterproofness makes these tents more durable and will withstand more wear and tear.

Another benefit to a PVC outdoor camping tent is that it’s highly resistant to the elements. Using a standard canvas camping tent will be enough to keep you dry for a day, but a heavy downpour can be a disaster for your gear

Even if you’ve used a waterproofing treatment, a tent made of canvas is still susceptible to water penetration. To avoid this, it’s important to pitch your tent on high, dry ground. To minimize water penetration, use a groundsheet or tarp to cover the ground.

They Provide Good Ventilation and Don’t Trap Heat Like Some Other Materials

A good tent should provide excellent ventilation and not trap heat. The more airflow your tent offers, the better. Make sure your mesh walls are tight enough to keep out bugs, and your ventilation vents are controlled. 

If you plan to use your tent in extremely hot weather, you should consider buying a tent with a high ventilation rating. You should also consider buying a tent made of a material that reacts differently to heat.

A four-season tent is designed to withstand spring, summer, and fall temperatures. These lightweight tents are made to provide good ventilation without trapping heat. The mesh walls allow air to flow freely inside, preventing condensation and allowing good ventilation. 

The side rain covers also sit off the ground and the vestibules are raised so that air can move inside easily. The ventilation in these tents is important for your comfort and safety, and they prevent overheating.

PVC Tents Are Also Very Affordable

One of the best ways to save money on an outdoor camping tent is to look for a cheap PVC one. The most affordable PVC tents will be able to keep you dry, warm, and free of bugs. You can even find a cheap PVC tent for under $100! 

But what should you look for? A tent that offers all the amenities you need and is affordable, but still durable? Read on to find out what to look for.

Consider what features you need in an outdoor camping tent. Is it easy to set up? Is it spacious enough for your family? How well-built is the floor? And what about privacy and headroom? Those are all considerations when choosing a tent. 

For example, do you need a rain fly? Do you want extra headroom for a rainy day? A spacious vestibule might be a must-have.

They’re Easy to Find and Purchase Online or at Most Camping and Outdoor Stores.

If you are a first-time buyer, the process can seem intimidating and overwhelming, but it’s not impossible to buy a high-quality PVC outdoor camping tent online. There are many places to buy them, and REI is one of the largest online tent retailers. 

This company is well known for its high-quality gear and has many online stores featuring tents from popular brands. Customers can save as much as $100 or more on a quality tent at REI.

When shopping for a tent, keep in mind the type of camping that you will be doing. You’ll need to think about how many people will be sleeping in it, as well as what type of conditions you’ll be camping in. 

Car camping is great, as you can pack lighter and use a larger tent, but you can save a lot of money by not carrying as many extras. On the other hand, hiking or cycle touring requires a much lighter tent.

Setting Up a PVC Tent Is Usually a Quick and Easy Process

A PVC outdoor camping tent is one of the most popular types of camper’s tents. Its lightweight material makes it easy to pack and transport, and the quick and easy process of setting it up will make the process as painless as possible. 

There are a few steps to erecting the tent. The first step is to attach the tent poles to the tarp. Some tents have additional poles that can be attached separately. Make sure the tent poles are oriented to the wind.

Choosing a suitable pitch is essential, as you don’t want to be trapped in a chilly tent. Select a spot that is relatively flat and level – if you pitch it on a slope, the tent may roll to one side while you sleep.

Make sure the spot you’ve chosen is large enough to accommodate the tent. If this is your first time camping with a tent, practice setting it up until it fits. You may also find that the right spot doesn’t fit your tent.

PVC Tent Can Provide a Comfortable and Spacious Shelter 

The Lichfield Eagle Air is a great example of a PVC outdoor camping tent. This model features a tunnel-style design that gives you a comfortable, spacious shelter even in bad weather. 

Its floor provides ample headroom throughout and has mesh layers on the doors for added ventilation. Plus, it comes with a lifetime warranty. If you’re serious about camping, you can even opt for a tent with a waterproof floor.

The waterproof fabric of the tent is professionally tested so water cannot enter the tent. The outer flysheet can withstand heavy rainfall. 

This feature allows you to camp comfortably in rainy weather without the worry of catching the bug. The tent also includes a lantern light hook. 

The tent’s design offers stability, ventilation, and strong resistance to insects and weather. This material also blocks out harmful UV rays.

PVC Tents Are Typically Made From Durable and Long-lasting Materials.

The durability of PVC outdoor camping tents can’t be disputed. Unlike polyester tents, PVC outdoor tents are made from materials that will last for years. For instance, the canvas used in most PVC tents is 540 grams, double that of PE. 

The fabric is also breathable. PVC tents are attached with heavy-duty Velcro or Dutch lacing. They also have a high-gloss finish.

Most PVC outdoor camping tents are waterproof. The fabric is professionally tested to ensure no water will leak through the fabric. This makes it ideal for any type of weather. 

PVC outdoor camping tents come with lantern light hooks and a single door for easy entry. The fabric also offers strong resistance to weather and insects. And they are protected from harmful UV rays.

With Proper Care, a Pvc Tent Can Last for Many Years.

Buying a high-quality PVC outdoor camping tent can help you save a lot of money in the long run. Unlike cheaper tents, a PVC tent will keep its color and shape for many years. 

And because it is made of durable materials, it will not break easily. Here are some things to look for when purchasing a PVC tent. 

First of all, consider the purpose of your tent. Is it going to be used for hiking, camping, or just as a vacation spot?

If you’re going camping in rainy conditions, you may want to choose a waterproof tent. Tents made of polyester or polyether urethane are water-resistant. But these materials will absorb water over time and stop being waterproof. 

A tent made from PVC is much more durable because it has a layer of waterproof material on its back. While polyester or PVC tents are cheaper, they don’t offer as much protection against wind and rain.

How Do You Choose the Right Pvc Outdoor Camping Tent for You?

Aside from the price, the comfort and berth of your camping tent are important factors to consider. It is also important to consider the weight of the tent. 

In this article, we will discuss the most common factors to consider when purchasing a PVC outdoor camping tent. These factors include:


When it comes to choosing a camping tent, it is important to consider your family’s size and the age range of those in your group. A good rule of thumb is to size up from the manufacturer’s recommended berth size. 

However, you can also consider other factors such as price and return policy before purchasing a tent. This article will look at a few important points to consider when choosing a PVC outdoor camping tent.

Most tents are fairly tight at their stated capacity. However, if you need extra space, you should consider a tent with more space. Also, check the size of the vestibule.

Additionally, check the door/window access and headroom. Make sure your tent has plenty of room to watch the stars. Check the Berth when choosing a PVC outdoor camping tent


If you’re considering purchasing a new tent, you’ll likely want to consider the comfort it offers. There are many factors to consider, such as the strength of the poles, rain-fly tie-downs, zipper strength, extra headroom, and privacy. 

A quality tent will last you for years, so it’s worth the extra money you’ll spend upfront. But, what makes one tent better than another?

The Coleman Tent’s heavy-duty cotton canvas material and powder-coated steel frame make it water and fire-resistant. Its PVC floor is sewn in and features military-grade zippers and large mesh windows with storm flaps. 

The base model is compatible with small portable heaters, making it an excellent four-season tent. The tent also features an oversized front door with a zipper and plenty of exterior tie-downs.

The Time Required to Pitch/take Down the Tent

The time required to pitch and take down the pop-up tent will vary depending on the size and type. The smaller tents are usually more convenient for backpacking and are often a great choice for people over 182 cm. 

They are easy to pitch, though. Once set up, they’ll take about five minutes to take down. Pitching a pop-up tent requires less time than erecting a regular tent.

Before pitching and taking down the PVC outdoor camping tent, you need to know how to put it up properly. Make sure to follow the directions carefully and avoid putting too much stress on yourself. 

It’s always better to practice setting up a tent before you have to face the elements on a hiking trip. When pitching a tent, remember to position doors away from the wind and to face the poles away from it for optimal ventilation. 

You may have to use pole sleeves or clips to secure the poles to the body of the tent.

Conditions You Will Use the Tent in

When you are shopping for a PVC outdoor camping tent, there are a few things you should keep in mind. First of all, make sure the height of the people at your party is appropriate. 

Tall people may find themselves restricted to a certain tent height, so make sure to check that. Sitting heights are generally between 90 and 105 centimeters, and kneeling heights are usually between 120 and 150 centimeters. 

Taking these measurements will help you determine whether certain tasks are possible within the tent.

Ease of Use

When choosing a PVC outdoor camping tent, there are a few different considerations that you should keep in mind. First, you should consider the durability of the material. What material is used for the poles, floor, rainfly, mesh, etc.? 

What is the overall construction of the tent? How durable is the tent, and how easy is it to use? Fortunately, these are all factors you should consider before making your decision.

Another factor to consider when choosing a PVC outdoor camping tent is the ease of set-up. Many of the tents are not easy to erect, and it took me 33 minutes to get the fly on. 

In addition to size, another factor to consider when choosing a PVC outdoor camping tent is how easy it is to set up. If you’re camping alone, you should look for an easy-to-set-up model that doesn’t require much skill. 

On the other hand, if you’ll be sharing it with a partner, you might want to pick one that’s more difficult to set up.

Materials for the tent

A PVC outdoor camping tent is a great choice for a variety of reasons. The fabric used is water-resistant and UV stable. Unlike nylon, however, it does stretch. Its properties can be improved by ripstop weave, a weave that prevents tearing. 

Most lightweight tents are made from nylon, which is normally coated with acrylic for durability. It also has an anti-slump feature.

The main disadvantage to a PVC outdoor camping tent is that it is not breathable. This is because waterproof fabric uses layers that are woven together with hundreds of fibers. This creates a very dense, waterproof fabric that does not breathe.

 Moreover, the PVC coating makes the fabric more resistant to tearing. The polyester-coated material also adds more weight to the tent. However, cotton tents are notoriously leaky at first, and you should be aware of this.

Polyester tents are also good choices because of their high water resistance. While they won’t expand or shrink in heavy rain, they are not completely waterproof – rainwater can penetrate through the gaps between the fibers. 

Polyester tents typically have a polyurethane (PU) coating on the inside. This coating is the least expensive option and is common in inexpensive tents. In addition to being inexpensive, coated polyester has a cool name.

Weight of the tent

While it can be difficult to estimate how much the PVC outdoor camping tent will weigh, you can get creative and add weight to it yourself. Many craft artists use PVC pipes filled with concrete or sand as weights for their tents. 

This can also be done on your own if you don’t mind spending some time creating a weighted tarp. To make DIY weights, fill three to four inches of PVC pipe with concrete. You can purchase concrete at any home building supply store.

Another consideration is the weight. A lightweight tent will weigh considerably less than a large backpacking tent. Moreover, it will protect the floor from wearing thin. 

But a lightweight camping tent will be less comfortable than a large one. If you have a lot of friends, you may want to split the weight by buying two tents of the same weight. A lightweight PVC outdoor camping tent should be under 2.5 pounds.

The flooring of the Tent

changing the floor of your PVC outdoor camping tent is easier than you may think. There are many inexpensive ways to improve the floor of your tent. Many campers carry extra blankets in their car. 

They can provide the same amount of comfort as rubber or foam. However, these blankets aren’t waterproof. If you plan to use your tent during wet weather, you may want to look into other options.

Cleaning the floor and fly of the PVC outdoor camping tent requires only a small amount of maintenance. You can use a damp sponge and water, and non-detergent soap to remove dirt and grime. 

Be sure to avoid harsh household cleaners, as these may attract rodents and insects and damage the DWR coating on the material. Clean the floors and fly off your tent periodically with a mild detergent.

The flooring of the PVC outdoor camping tent should be made of sturdy fabric. The floor should be waterproof. Heavy-duty PVC is more durable than lightweight PVC. PVC is inexpensive, durable, and waterproof, making it a great choice for outdoor camping. 

However, heavy-duty PVC is bulky and may not be ideal for all situations. You should also look for a tent with mesh windows. 

The added protection from bugs and better ventilation can help prevent internal condensation.


If you’re looking for a good price on a PVC outdoor camping tent, you can easily find it at a factory in China. 

A cheap price doesn’t mean it will be of poor quality, and a quality tent will cost you a fair bit of money. Instead, consider a few factors to find the best value PVC tent for you. 

It’s best to invest a little more money in a good quality tent, as they tend to last longer. You’ll be pleased with your purchase season after season, and will be happy you bought it. 

Just remember that quality is worth the upfront cost. There are many innovations in tents and styles, so you should take your time to find the right one for your needs.


A PVC outdoor camping tent has a lot of mesh, which makes it a good choice for campers who want to keep the inside dry. 

The mesh is often removable, which is a good thing since condensation can build up in the tent. Some tents also have ventilation systems built into the sides, and the groundsheet can be positioned to protrude under the side walls. 

Proper ventilation will prevent condensation.

The tent’s outer shell is waterproof, while the inner part contains the sleeping area. The outer tent may be slightly larger than the inner one. 

Ventilation is essential because when you breathe, water vapor will condense on your body and the inside of your sleeping bag. Ventilation will help remove this moisture, but will also allow cold air to get in. This will keep you comfortable all night.

Number of doors

One important consideration is how tall the person staying in the tent is. The tallest people should choose a tent that has at least two doors, but people over eighty-two centimeters may have fewer choices. 

The height of sitting and kneeling is approximately ninety-five centimeters, so determining the height of the tent is essential. Keeping in mind different heights will help you decide whether certain tasks can be done in the tent.

One option for the number of doors is the Coleman Thru-Hinge Tent, which comes with two doors and a zippered door. It also features three awning configurations. 

All four doors are mesh, and you can use a small awning to partially cover them in case of rain. You can also purchase an additional tent with three PVC windows. The inner tents are also removable, and some models have more than one door.

Number of windows

While there are several factors to consider when purchasing a tent, the number of windows is a crucial consideration. Not all of them need to be large to provide ample ventilation. In addition, windows can make the space more comfortable when sitting inside. 

The manufacturer should specify the minimum number of windows. If you are unsure, you can check out customer reviews online. Many tents feature multiple windows for added convenience.

One of the most popular types of PVC outdoor camping tents has a large awning and a front porch covered in bug mesh. The main shell of this tent is sturdy and features a full-coverage fly and several windows for ventilation. 

The tent includes an anti-fungal-treated bathtub bottom to keep condensation from building inside the tent. If you are concerned about the number of windows in your tent, you can always consider putting up a rainfly or closing the windows when the temperature is too high.

Storage pockets

If you’re a camper, storage pockets in a PVC outdoor camping tent can help you keep your stuff organized. Some have multiple storage compartments, while others can be stacked. 

Storage options for your tent should balance practicality and strength. Consider the following tips to find the right storage solution. Keep the most essential items close at hand. If you’re planning on hiking in the woods, consider purchasing a backpacking-style tent.

You’ll also want to choose a location for your storage space. Many campers use a spare closet, basement, or garage space. 

If space is limited, find the best storage place and choose a storage system that won’t overwhelm it. The most important factor is organization. 

For example, you don’t want to have to search for things you forgot while camping, so use sticky notes to remind yourself of what you need to bring with you.

Size of awning 

A good PVC outdoor camping tent should have an awning covering the entire space, not just the tent walls. A large awning will provide additional headroom and more shade than a small one. If you want to expand the awning, you can add extensions to it or extend the length of it. 

A great awning will provide shade on hot summer days and will protect you from the elements when it rains.

Self-standing retractable awnings are convenient to store and are made of UV50+ protection. They can be mounted on most roof bars or racks. 

A heavy-duty nylon reinforced PVC bag stores the awning and its storage cover. The awning deploys within 30 seconds, thanks to telescopic legs. 

They also protect against wind and rain. And the awning’s height is adjustable using telescopic legs.

How to Take Care of Your Pvc Outdoor Camping Tent

When you’re ready to pack up your PVC outdoor camping tent, there are a few things you can do to make sure it stays in good condition. Here are 10 tips to keep your tent in top shape:

  1. Make sure the tent is dry before you pack it up. If it’s wet, set it up to dry in the sun before folding it up.
  1. If the tent is dirty, clean it with a mild soap and water solution.
  1. Repair any holes or rips in the fabric before storing the tent.
  1. Store the tent in a cool, dry place.
  1. Don’t store the tent in a plastic bag, as this can cause the fabric to mildew.
  1. If you’re storing the tent for more than a few months, consider treating it with a waterproofing spray.
  1. When you’re ready to use the tent again, inspect it for any damage and repair or replace any parts as necessary.
  1. Make sure the tent is properly pitched before using it.
  1. Don’t use sharp objects near the tent, as they can puncture the fabric.


When you’re ready to purchase your PVC outdoor camping tent, it’s important to know the available different types.  There are a variety of tents on the market, from small pop-up tents to large canopy tents. 

It’s also important to understand how to set up and take care of your tent so that it lasts for years to come. By following these tips, you can be sure to find the perfect PVC outdoor camping tent for your next adventure.

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