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Camping Write For Us (Contribute or Submit Guest Post) to OutdoorsFan blog for all guest writers and contributors who like to write about outdoor activities. We are providing “Write For Us” as a great opportunity to write their experience and well-researched articles on different aspects of camping activities, things to know before going on camping, Camping and hiking gears, reviews of different camping tents, and thoughts on Outdoors write for usCamping Tips, surviving in the wild, Hiking gears, measures to take while camping, Camp cooking, and Promotion of any helpful idea to help people.

Currently, we are open to accepting guest posts from entrepreneurs, CEOs, authors, and editors, who have experience in the Outdoor Niche. If you want to make a contribution to our blog, then please go through our requirements and guidelines and send us a beautiful email pitch at [email protected]

You Can Write for Us

We are really looking forward to the people with real Outdoor Camping experience. Besides that, there are always new things that you can write for us like the latest news on sports, outdoor theme parks to visit, RV camping, car camping, etc. Additionally, we always appreciate the skills of content writers, presenting their materials with a very good research on OutdoorsFan. When the content is relevant, our team at OutdoorsFan ensures to publish it for our campers, hikers, and all the people who read us.


If you have any queries regarding sponsorship, please contact us at [email protected], advertising opportunities are available.

Requirements to Write For Us on OutdoorsFan

At OutdoorsFan we love to cover topics in the following categories:

  1. Camping Tips and Basics
  2. Hiking Tips and Basics
  3. Outdoors Tips and Basics
  4. Outdoors Survival
  5. Survival Tips
  6. Wilderness
  7. Backyard Decoration
  8. Backyard Camping
  9. Camp Cooking
  10. Camping Gear
  11. Hiking Gear
  12. Hiking Gear Reviews

Please go through the above 12 categories and if want to share with us your tips, hacks, experience, or stories. Next, feel free to drop us an email.

If you do not feel comfortable covering the above categories please don’t send us an email, because we don’t cover any other niche or categories in our blog. However, if you think in the same niche, there’s something else apart from these 12 categories you have in your mind, you can definitely go ahead and send the pitch to [email protected].

Guidelines to Write for Us

Please go through our guidelines below before you send us your email pitch:

Pitch Requirements

  1. Please send us 3 article topic ideas in your email pitch. The topic ideas should belong to the categories mentioned above. Also, send 2 of your best-performing articles in your email for us to read.
  2. Don’t send us article topics that have been previously covered in our blog. Go through the articles in our blog once before you send us the topic ideas.
  3. If we select any article topic, then we should create an article that will be 100% unique, it should be free from plagiarism and not copy-pasted from somewhere else.

Article Length and Image Size

  1. The article length should be a minimum of 800 words.
  2. Make the article easy to read, with proper structuring on headings, subheadings, and bullet points. Avoid grammatical errors, you can use a variety of free tools like Grammarly and ginger to correct the grammar and sentences.
  3. Send us one featured image for the article with a size of 1200px X 630px. The image should be free from copyright infringements.

All About Links

  1. We will provide you with 2 do-follow links, from which one link should be included in your author bio.
  2. Please add a minimum of relevant 3 links of OutdoorsFan into the article.
  3. If you provide any statistics, facts, or research in the article then make sure that you can back it up with appropriate links, however, those links will be no-follow links.

Other Criterion

  1. The article should not have any form of content that either directly or indirectly targets to harm or insult any particular group, sex, race, religion, caste, minorities, animals, state, profession, or nation. Moreover, the article should not have any form of content that is either directly or indirectly related to politics, sex, gambling, alcohol, or crime.
  2. After we accept your guest post, we will have the right to edit it, and add our own links, images, and videos.  But if your article faces any legal consequences or copyright issues then you will be liable to hold responsible any of them. OutdoorsFan and neither of its employees nor editors will hold any of such issues.
  3. We have the right to reject your article if you do not follow the above guidelines or if we find the article to be misleading.

How Can You Submit Your Articles to Write for Us?

Please go through the above guidelines and requirements and send us your email pitch at [email protected]. Please wait 3 working days until we reply back with your pitch.

How to Find Guest Posts for Camping?

You can find the opportunity to write for us by doing a Google Search using the search terms suggestion given below:

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If you provide us with an article, then kindly wait for at most 5 working days till your article gets published. This is because we get tons of article submissions, and our team of expert editors and writers goes through each of them carefully. You won’t get ignored by us, just keep patience!


Big thanks to you one more time for showing your interest to write for our blog. Send us your email pitch at the following email address: [email protected]

Hope to hear from you soon.