10 Must-Do Girl Scout Camping Activities For Fun

10 Must-Do Girl Scout Camping Activities For Fun

Camping is one of the best activities for many girl scout troops across the world. When it comes to camping, Girl Scouts know how to have fun! This list of girl scout camping activities will provide you with a variety of fun activities to do while camping. 

You’ll find out what it’s like to pitch a tent, go on hikes, and camp under the stars. From cooking over a fire to playing games with friends, Girl Scouts will have fun Girl Scouts camping activities every day!

A girl scout camping trip is an experience that will stay with you for the rest of your life. It’s also an opportunity to get away from it all and enjoy time in nature with your troop mates.

In order to make sure everyone has a great time at girl scout camp, here are 10 must-do girl scout camping activities for some old-fashioned summer fun. 

10 girl scout camping activities for girls of all ages

Girl Scouts camping is a great opportunity for Girl Scouts to have fun and learn new skills. This girl scouts camping activities list will provide you with a variety of fun activities to do while camping. From making s’mores to playing games, Girl Scouts will have a blast while camping!

Check out these 10 must-do girl scout camping activities that will guarantee fun while camping! 

Make s’mores around the campfire

One of the most classic girl scout camping activities is making s’mores around the campfire. This activity is a great way to enjoy a delicious treat while spending time with friends. 

Here’s a quick recipe on how to make s’mores:

– Toast a marshmallow over the campfire

– Place the marshmallow on a piece of chocolate bar

– Top with a graham cracker

– Enjoy!

Go on a nature hike

Go on a nature hike with your girl scout troop and explore the great outdoors! This is a great way to learn about the natural world and get some exercise. 

Be sure to bring along sunscreen, water, and snacks.

Play tag

Play tag is a fun game that can be enjoyed by Girl Scouts of all ages. 

To play tag, one person is “it” and tries to tag the other players. The player who is “it” must touch the other player with their hand in order to tag them. If the player who is “it” touches the other player with anything other than their hand, that player becomes “it”. 

The last player to be tagged is the winner.

Tell stories around the campfire

Storytelling is a great way to entertain yourself and your fellow Girl Scouts around the campfire. 

Share some of your favorite stories or even some spooky campfire stories to get everyone in the mood. 

Be sure to bring along a flashlight in case it gets dark while you’re telling stories.

Have a scavenger hunt

A scavenger hunt is one of the favorite campground activity ideas and a fun way to keep Girl Scouts entertained while camping. 

Split the group into teams and give them a list of items to find. The team that finds the most items on the list wins. 

Some possible items to include on the scavenger hunt list are:

– A rock

– A leaf

– A stick

– A bug

– A flower

– A feather

Make homemade pizzas

Everyone loves pizza, so why not make your while camping? This is a great activity for Girl Scouts of all ages. 

All you need is some pizza dough, sauce, cheese, and toppings. You can either cook the pizzas over the campfire or in a portable oven.

Make crafts

Girl Scouts love to make crafts, and there are plenty of craft projects that can be done while camping. 

Try making a dream catcher, jewelry, or bookmark. There are many different projects that can be found online, so be sure to do a little planning before your trip.

Along with doing the other girl scout camping activities, you can also enjoy making a variety of arts and crafts while camping. Crafting is an amusing camping activities list to spend time while camping.  There are a variety of fun crafts that you can make, including:

– Pinwheels

– Suncatchers

– Friendship bracelets

– Tie-dye shirts

– Candles

– Dream catchers


Looking at the stars is a favorite pastime for many people. Stargazing is one o the most fantastic girl scout camping activities to do while camping, as there is no need for any special equipment. 

Just find a spot away from the campfire and look up at the sky. Be sure to bring along a flashlight in case it gets dark.

Sing songs around the campfire

Singing songs is a great way to have fun while camping. Collect some fun campfire songs and create a campfire songbook. 

Be sure to bring along a flashlight in case it gets dark while you’re singing songs.

Roast hot dogs or marshmallows over the campfire

One of the most fun campground activity ideas is to roast hot dogs or marshmallows. Girl Scouts will love roasting them over the campfire. 

Be sure to pack some supplies, including hot dogs, buns, marshmallows, and skewers. 

You can cook the hot dogs and marshmallows over the campfire using a skewer or roasting stick.

Camping games and crafts for Girl Scouts

Girl Scouts will enjoy playing a variety of games while camping. Some popular camping games include:

– Tag

– Hide and seek

– Simon says

– Red light, green light

– Capture the flag

What girl scout camping activities would you add to this list? Let us know in the comments below!

Don’t forget to pack these 10 must-have items for girl scout camping trips.

Girl Scouts should always remember to pack these 10 essential camping items when going on a camping trip:

– Tent

– Sleeping bag

– Flashlight

– Camping stove

– Cookware

– Food and drinks

– First aid kit

– Bug spray

– Sunscreen

– Clothing and shoes

Camping tips for Girl Scouts

Girl Scouts who are planning a camping trip should be sure to follow these tips:

– Be sure to pack plenty of food and drinks, as well as snacks.

– Make sure to pack a first aid kit, as well as bug spray and sunscreen.

– Plan out your route and make sure to pack a map.

– Pack a tent and sleeping bag, as well as camping gear.

– Make sure to have fun and enjoy the great outdoors!

Girl Scouts who follow these tips will be sure to have a great time while camping.

Key Takeaways

Girl Scouts who go camping can have a great time while camping and enjoy themselves by doing a variety of activities. These activities include making crafts, singing songs, star gazing, and roasting marshmallows or hot dogs over the campfire.

From making pizzas to playing games, you will enjoy yourself while spending time in the great outdoors. Girl Scouts should Always remember to pack the 10 essential items for camping trips.

And finally, remember to follow these tips for having a great time while camping. Have fun Girl Scouts! Girl scout campers can have a blast by following these tips! Thanks for reading!

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