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10 Best Wilderness Survival Movies You Must Watch in 2023

Survival movies are a movie genre that’s classic for a reason: they provide an alluring mix of action, adventure, and suspense. From the harsh realities of living in the wilderness to unexpected twists and turns, survival films have it all. 

These movies generally take place in the wilderness, the ocean, or the desert. They’re often a little bit funny, but they can also be very inspiring.

So, if you are a camping enthusiast, then other than camping gear, you must be looking for some enjoyable survival entertainment in 2023, here are the best survival movies to watch.

1. The Edge

IMDB Score: 6.9 

Rotten Tomatoes Score: 70%

Release date: September 26, 1997 (USA)

Director: Lee Tamahori

A billionaire and a photographer are forced to battle for survival when they get stranded in the Alaskan wilderness after their plane crashes. This movie stars Anthony Hopkins and Alec Baldwin and features some breathtaking scenes of the Alaskan landscape. Here, the two men must struggle against nature and each other in order to survive the unforgiving environment. 

While their skills are put to the test with bears, wolves, and extreme weather conditions, it’s their own inner demons that prove just as deadly. Hopkins gives a riveting performance as the grizzled, determined survivor, while Baldwin shines in his role as the cocky but ill-prepared businessman. The Edge is an intense and thrilling journey through one of the most dangerous terrains on Earth. 

Whether you’re looking for some heart-pounding survival movies or just want to watch two great actors go toe-to-toe in the wilderness, The Edge is worth your time. So grab your popcorn and prepare to be on the edge of your seat! It’s a wild ride that you won’t soon forget.

2. Into The Wild

IMDB Score: 8.1 

Rotten Tomatoes Score: 89% (Audience)

Release date: September 21, 2007 (USA)

Director: Sean Penn

A young man decides to venture into the Alaskan wilderness after graduating from college. Despite having no survival skills, he embarks on a journey of self-discovery and survival. If you’re looking for a heartfelt story to watch with your family, then a wilderness survival movie is a great choice. These films are based on real-life events and provide a look at what it’s like to live with the elements of nature.

The movie Into The Wild is an absolute must-watch for fans of the great outdoors. It doesn’t matter if you’re a hiker, camper, or just someone who loves to take long walks in nature – this movie will take your breath away with its stunning visuals and captivating story.

Sean Penn does a masterful job of bringing the true story of Chris McCandless to life. Emile Hirsch shines in his portrayal of the ambitious young man on his quest for adventure. The movie follows McCandless as he travels across America, exploring its vast countryside while meeting some truly inspiring people along the way.

Into The Wild may not be a lighthearted romp through nature – but it’s worth every minute of your time as an unforgettable exploration into what makes life truly meaningful.

3. The Revenant

IMDB Score: 8 

Rotten Tomatoes Score: 84% (Audience)

Release date: December 16, 2015 (USA) 

Director: Alejandro González Iñárritu

The Revenant is a cinematic masterpiece by any measure. The story follows Hugh Glass (Leonardo DiCaprio) as he survives a bear attack and then embarks on an epic journey to avenge those who left him for dead. Director Alejandro G. Iñárritu expertly balances intense action sequences with quiet moments of reflection as he takes the audience on a gripping journey through his survival movies.

DiCaprio’s performance is outstanding, and the film benefits from its beautiful cinematography, powerful score, and an outstanding cast. Leonardo DiCaprio’s performance as a fur trapper seeking vengeance against those who left him for dead in the wilderness is nothing short of remarkable. The Revenant will no doubt be remembered for years to come as one of the greatest films ever made. 

It’s an experience that you won’t soon forget! So put on your parka, and prepare to be dazzled. Just don’t forget to bring a box of tissues – you’ll definitely need them! 

4. The Grey

IMDB Score: 6.8 

Rotten Tomatoes Score: 61%

Release date: December 11, 2011 (USA) 

Director: Joe Carnahan

The Grey is a movie that’s sure to get your heart racing. A group of oil workers stranded in the Alaskan wilderness after their plane crashes must battle against both the elements and a pack of deadly wolves if they hope to survive. Liam Neeson leads this rag-tag group, playing John Ottway — an experienced hunter who must put his skills to the test if they’re going to make it out alive.

It’s a thrilling ride from start to finish, as Ottway and his crew face seemingly insurmountable odds with nothing but their wits and courage. The Grey is an intense look at man-versus-nature, and its message of survival against all odds is sure to stay with you long after the movie’s over. Liam Neeson delivers an incredibly moving performance as Ottway, and the rest of the cast does a fine job in supporting roles.

The cinematography also stands out, as director Joe Carnahan captures beautiful shots of the Alaskan wilderness — even if it is a bit cold and bleak. With its gripping story, intense action, and powerful performances, The Grey is an entertaining and thought-provoking film that’s sure to leave you with chills. These survival movies are worth checking out, and the suspenseful scenes will take your breath away.

5. The Mountain Between Us

IMDB Score: 6.4 

Rotten Tomatoes Score: 47%

Release date: October 6, 2017 (USA) 

Director: Hany Abu-Assad

The Mountain Between Us is a story about two strangers who find themselves in an unfamiliar place, but their journey brings them closer together. With two leads played by Idris Elba and Kate Winslet, the movie starts off with an intriguing premise.

This survival drama follows a doctor and a photojournalist who is stranded in the High Uintas Wilderness after their plane crashes. The two must team up to survive despite their differences, creating an exciting adventure filled with suspenseful moments.

The film feels rushed as the filmmakers tried to tell too much story in too short of a time. The Mountain Between Us has a lot of potentials. The movie tries to be an emotional journey. If you’re looking for a thrilling adventure story, this is it. 

6. Alive

IMDB Score: 7.1 

Rotten Tomatoes Score: 68%

Release date: January 15, 1993 (USA) 

Director: Frank Marshall

Alive is a 1993 drama directed by Frank Marshall that stars Ethan Hawke, Vincent Spano, and Josh Hamilton. It’s based on the true story of an Uruguayan rugby team whose plane crashed in the Andes Mountains in 1972. The survivors must resort to desperate measures in order to stay alive until they are rescued.

Alive is an emotionally gripping film, full of incredible highs and devastating lows. The acting from the cast is superb, all managing to bring a unique combination of desperation, resilience, and determination to their characters. Hawke stands out in particular as Nando Parrado – the team’s leader who fights tooth and nail for survival.

The visuals of the Andes Mountains are stunning and beautifully represented. The snow-covered peaks provide a stark backdrop for an even more extreme battle for survival. Alive is an incredible story of human resilience, told through emotionally charged scenes and masterful directing from Marshall. These types of survival movies are certainly worth your time if you’re looking for a powerful and cathartic drama.

Grab a snack and get ready to be inspired – Alive is an unforgettable journey through one of life’s most challenging moments. It may just leave you wanting more but in a good way.

7. 127 Hours

IMDB Score: 7.6 

Rotten Tomatoes Score: 85%

Release date: November 5, 2010 (USA) 

Director: Danny Boyle

In this survival thriller based on a true story, James Franco plays Aron Ralston, who gets trapped under a boulder while canyoneering and must use his survival skills to save himself. If you’re interested in a movie about a man’s odyssey to save his life, “127 Hours” might be the film for you. It is a tale of survival in the wilderness, and it’s not for the faint of heart. Although the film is based on an autobiography, it does not shy away from the gruesome. The film’s strongest scenes are those involving Ralston wrestling with a boulder.

The film is a gripping, inspiring story of human resilience and will certainly leave you in awe. The cinematography is spectacular, and the acting from James Franco is absolutely top-notch; he completely immerses himself into the role of Aron Ralston, and it shows. 127 Hours has all the ingredients to make an unforgettable movie-going experience. 

It’s simultaneously intense, funny, and heart-wrenching. All in all, it’s an incredible story that captures the power of the human spirit to overcome any obstacle. If you’re looking for one of the best survival movies that leave you feeling inspired and uplifted, then this is definitely one to watch! A must-see!

8. Into The Forest

IMDB Score: 5.8

Rotten Tomatoes Score: 76%

Release date: July 29, 2016 (USA) 

Director: Patricia Rozema

The acting in Into The Forest is great, with Ellen Page and Evan Rachel Wood giving excellent performances. They really make the movie come alive as they face many of life’s challenges together. Their chemistry is palpable, and it’s easy to sympathize with their struggles as they strive to survive through a global disaster.

This survival drama is full of suspenseful moments that will keep you at the edge of your seat. The cinematography is stunning, giving us beautiful scenes of the wilderness that helps to create a mood of dread and despair. The music adds to this tone as well, with its eerie notes creating an atmosphere of fear and uncertainty. Overall, Into The Forest is a captivating film that will leave you on the edge of your seat. It’s a thought-provoking and timely movie that’s sure to leave you with plenty to ponder—highly recommended!

If you’re looking for a powerful, dramatic film that will make you think about the world in a different way, Into The Forest is definitely worth watching. It’s a must-see for any fan of sci-fi or post-apocalyptic, or survival movies. With its beautiful visuals, strong acting, and gripping plot, this film is sure to leave an impression. Don’t miss it!

9. Against the Ice

IMDB Score: 6.5

Rotten Tomatoes Score: 57%

Initial release: February 15, 2022 

Director: Peter Flinth

Against the Ice is a film that is inspired by the real-life adventure of Captain Ejnar Mikkelsen, who, in 1957, sled across Greenland. This film is loosely based on his memoir, Two Against the Ice.

Against the Ice is a poignant story of perseverance and determination. The movie follows young adventurers as they set off on an epic journey to conquer one of the world’s most fearsome journeys – a grueling 1200 mile trek across Greenland. Along the way, the team struggles with extreme weather conditions while attempting to navigate their way through treacherous terrain.

The movie captures the intense emotions of the team as they battle against time and their own fatigue in an attempt to reach their destination. Their determination to succeed is inspiring and uplifting, providing a powerful reminder that anything is possible if we have the courage to pursue our dreams. 

With stunning cinematography and an absorbing score, Against The Ice is an uplifting and exhilarating film that will leave you feeling inspired. Whether you’re a fan of adrenaline-charged adventures or simply looking for some inspiration, Against The Ice is definitely worth watching. So, get ready for an epic journey! One of the highly recommended survival movies.

10. Rust Creek

IMDB Score: 6.5

Rotten Tomatoes Score: 57%

Release date: January 4, 2019 (New York) 

Director: Jen McGowan

Rust Creek is a well-executed thriller. It is also a suspense movie that confronts larger themes of complicity and moral apathy. The film also subverts many genre tropes. The film is based on an original story by Stu Pollard. Hermione Corfield plays Sawyer, a college student who is stranded in Kentucky’s Appalachian mountains. She meets a mysterious loner named Lowell and must work with him to survive.

Rust Creek is an unpredictable ride that will have you gripping the edge of your seat. Featuring an all-star cast and captivating cinematography, Rust Creek manages to keep viewers in suspense from beginning to end. 

This movie offers an enthralling journey full of surprises and unexpected twists. With an edgy sense of energy and style, this film has something for everyone. If you’re looking for an adrenaline-filled thrill ride, then Rust Creek will have you hooked right from the start. Chances are, you won’t be able to turn away until the very end. So buckle up and get ready for a wild ride with one of the finest survival movies.


Wilderness survival movies are an essential part of the modern filmmaking genre. These films, which are usually based on a real event, portray the human side of survival in a way that is both interesting and entertaining.

Oftentimes, a movie about the oh-so-simple task of surviving will be a bit oversimplified. However, survival flicks do show that humans have a great capacity for survival. They also highlight the need to be prepared for the inevitable. Some of these movies are based on actual events, while others are inspired by fiction.

Wilderness movies show the human side of nature. Man and nature have a relationship that is both romantic and spiritual. These movies also teach us that the wilderness is a place of refuge. Whether we are seeking adventure or just wanting to escape from our day-to-day lives, it is important to remember never to go out alone.

So, whether you’re looking for an adrenaline-pumping survival movie or a thought-provoking drama, the best survival movies of 2023 offer something for everyone. So grab some popcorn and enjoy!

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