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Basic Camp Kitchen Guide: Set Your Outdoor Kitchen Like A Pro

When planning a camping trip, one of the most important things to consider is how you will prepare your meals. A camp kitchen is a great way to make sure you have everything you need to cook while camping. 

Cooking is one of the best parts of camping, but it can be a pain if you aren’t prepared. There are some camp kitchen essentials that any prepared or roughing-it camper should have, including a portable gas stove and a table. 

A shelter over the kitchen is another important element, although it’s optional. You can use a tarp and rope to create a shelter over the kitchen, though it’s much easier to use a kitchen tent. If you don’t have a tree nearby, you can anchor a tarp using large water jugs. For filling pots, a spigot is a much better option than a funnel.

Assuming you are starting from scratch, there are a few pieces of equipment you will need for your basic camp kitchen.

Where to cook the food?

First, you will need a way to cook your food. This can be done with a camp stove, a portable grill, or even a campfire. If you plan on cooking over a campfire, you will need a fire pit, some wood, and a grill or grate to place over the top. 

A portable gas stove 

It is the best option if you plan to cook for a small group, but if you’re cooking for a large group, you may want to purchase a stove that connects to a larger propane tank. There are a few basic pieces of camping and cooking gear that every camper should have. 

A camp stove is one of the most important pieces of equipment for a camp kitchen. Camping stoves come in a variety of sizes and styles, so it is important to choose the right one for your needs. There are many factors to consider when choosing a camp stove, such as the type of fuel you will be using, the size and weight of the stove, and the features.

The basic cookware you should pack

Next, you will need some basic cookware. You will need to gather all of your camping and cooking gear. This includes a stove, pans, and any other necessary items. Make sure to pack everything securely so that it does not get damaged in transit.

A pot or pan

Pots and pans come in a variety of sizes and materials, so it is important to choose the right one for your needs. If you are planning on cooking a lot of meals over the campfire, you may want to invest in a cast iron pot or pan. Cast iron pots and pans are durable and can be used for many years.

A campfire grill

Another piece of camping cooking gear that is important to have is a campfire grill. A campfire grill allows you to cook food directly over the flames of the campfire. There are many different types of campfire grills available, so it is important to choose the right one for your needs.


The list can also include a skillet for frying, and some basic utensils like a spatula, spoon, and knife. You may also want to bring along some plates, bowls, and cups for eating. You will also need a camp cooler, water storage, cooking knives, tableware, and food storage organization.

Basic Cooking Supplies

Finally, you will need some basic supplies. This can include things like salt, pepper, sugar, cooking oil, and any other spices or condiments you may want. You will also need some basic cleaning supplies like soap and a scrub brush, along with camping cooking equipment.

With these basic items, you will have everything you need to set up a basic camp kitchen. Of course, you can always add more items as needed, but this should give you a good starting point.

How to Set Up Your Outdoor Basic Camp Kitchen?

While setting up an outdoor camp kitchen, there are several important steps that should be taken. 

The first thing is to make sure that you have the proper cooking and cleaning equipment. This doesn’t mean that you have to invest in the priciest kitchen essentials, but you should also buy quality equipment that will last for years.

Next, you need to organize your kitchen. The food preparation items should go in one area, while the cooking utensils and pots should be kept in separate areas. Make sure that all the kitchen supplies have a designated home and can be retrieved quickly. This is especially important if you’ll be moving around a lot.

A good camping kitchen should also have enough storage space. The best ones have ample space for all the cooking gear and food preparation items. You should also have adequate counter space so that you can prepare meals efficiently. A sink and a place to put a cooler are also essential.

Finally, make sure you have clean water to drink. You don’t want to run out of water while cooking. Luckily, there are some easy methods to get clean water without having to boil it.

Things to Remember

  • You will need to find a suitable location for your camp kitchen. It is important to find a spot that is level and away from any potential hazards like trees or bushes. Once you have found a spot, you can begin setting up your kitchen.
  • If you are using a stove, make sure to set it up in a safe location away from any flammable materials. Make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully when lighting the stove. If you are using a campfire, build it in a safe location away from any trees or bushes.
  • When cooking over a campfire, make sure to use a grill or griddle to prevent the food from sticking to the bottom of the pan. If you are using a stove, make sure to use the appropriate size pot or pan for the food you are cooking.
  • When your meal is finished, be sure to clean up your camp kitchen area. This includes putting out any fires, packing up all of your gear, and washing any dishes that you used. By taking these basic steps, you can ensure that your basic camp kitchen is a safe and enjoyable experience.

Set Up your Outdoor Kitchen & Enjoy Camping

A basic camp kitchen should include a few key pieces of tableware. Camping and cooking gear can be simple or elaborate, but there are a few basic pieces of equipment that every camper should have. This includes a pot or pan for cooking, a stove for heating food, utensils for eating and cooking, a container for carrying water, and a map and compass.

With these basic items, you will be able to cook and eat your meals while camping. You may also want to add some other camping cooking equipment to your kitchen. But these basic pieces of tableware will get you started on your camping trip.

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